Indian Groom Outfits Trends 2019

There’s nothing attractive than a handsome man in the best Attire. Men’s wedding outfits are wide in the range they are categorized into different varied styles which include silhouettes, edgy prints and gorgeous brocade etc. the catchy outfits, the beautiful designer sherwanis and the simple kurtas pajama. It’s all about traditional on your big but the wide range not only stops here it also includes the trendy suits for various ceremonies and the unique designer work. The variety of outfits is categorized according to the ceremonies and your desire.

groom outfits

What to wear on your big occasion?

The stress is over, check out some examples try out them on your big day.

Western Outfits:

For various ceremonies, 2019 grooms can choose western attire or suits.  They look comfortable and classy. However, western outfits modify men’s personality and show a sense of style. This 21st-century trend offers a variety of options. The floral work on your bows, ties, waistcoats etc will provide you with the wide diversity in simple suits too. Vibrant colours grab the attention of people.

western groom outfits

This is a perfect outfit for men on a ceremony like Engagement.

Traditional Touch

The options like Black and Gold, designer outfits and bright, colourful like pastels colour, burgundy even shades of yellow shows the taste of your fashion.

traditional groom outfits

Silk Sherwanis

silk sherwani

Simple, elegant silk sherwanis are the best if you choose to be simple and classic. The silk sherwanis involve the variety in today’s trendy world. The diversity in attractive colour is also available in silk pattern Sherwani.

silk sherwani for groom

Colored Jackets and Designer Bandhgala


If you are searching something traditional different and trendy then this variety is best for you. The comfortable dressing may relax your mind. Thus bright attractive comfortable look you can get by wearing a designer waistcoat or coloured jackets.


Bollywood or Cool Look

The vast range of attractive colour, trends and new unique styles in Bollywood is increasing the interest in the Wedding ceremony as the décor is set to increase the attentiveness in Indian weddings.

bollywood groom outfit

If you are Bollywood fan then this style is made for you.

Velvet Bandhgala

Velvet bandhgala

As with the best attire comes great Attitude. The velvet bandhgala is a perfect attire to show off your fashion choice.  Do not miss on to designer velvet jackets. They can put you in the limelight and grab the attention of everyone. Thus, if you are thinking of stealing the hearts of the crowd then this is the best option for you. A clinch of pyjama or shalwar will be great to be inattention.

Formal Wear

formal outfit for groom

If you want to keep it simple and ceremonious so you should choose the comfy formal attire which will give the best look as well as comfortable.

Suave Checkered Suits

The fainter lines and bigger squares pattern enhance and shows your taste in formal attire thus wearing a suave checkered suit for some of your wedding ceremonies and if you are visiting anyone else.

Suave Checkered Suits

Plain Kurtas and Pajama

For a simple and comfy and ceremonies like Haldi and Mehndi you can wear this outfit for a simple but elegant look.

kurta & pajama

Thus, you can choose any of the above outfits for your big day and make it special.
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